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We are passionate about making a real and lasting difference to people and organisations. We can help you improve your own performance or the performance of your team or business by helping you to transform your levels of achievement and release your true talent.

We believe everyone can be brilliant. We believe you can be brilliant.

Be Brilliant

“The most powerful work I experienced in terms of harnessing and engaging clinicians in leadership. I still get messages from time to time from some of the doctors about how much they grew during that period.”

Iain Tulley, CEO

Be Brilliant

We know that the performance of a team can be improved significantly if that team engages in development coaching. We also know that every team is different. Our programmes are designed specifically for each client. We provide leadership development for management teams and coaching to improve the performance of boards.

About us

Oxford Executive Coaching is one of the longest established coaching companies in the UK with a proven track record in success. Our coaches have personal experience of senior management and understand the pressures of leadership. Our clients are senior managers and teams from diverse backgrounds, cultures and organisations. We work with them to build on their existing leadership and management skills and develop their teams and organisations.

What sets us apart from other coaching businesses is that we create a safe space in which our clients can explore their leadership potential; we enable intelligent specialists to become brilliant leaders. We work at the level of cultural values and personal beliefs to help them realise their organisation’s vision.

Our bespoke coaching services cover three development areas


Being a leader can be lonely and challenging – but also rewarding. We enable you to release your leadership potential, to develop your organisational and management skills, identify personal goals and support you through career crises and interview preparation.

Case studies

Associate Medical Director, Mental Health Trust

A newly-appointed Associate Medical Director of a leading mental health trust wanted to become more effective in influencing her colleagues, gaining support from both clinical colleagues for changes to services that they wanted to introduce and from a management team that made ‘ill-informed’ decisions that impacted negatively on the public

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Senior Academic, Leading Research Institute

A successful senior medical academic had been approached about applying for a Professorial appointment at a leading academic institution in his field. His supervisor told him that he needed to develop his interpersonal skills and his personal network to be successful in his application. This is a common scenario – senior academics, partners in law firms and medical consultants will have high IQs but will also need to develop emotional intelligence when moving in to leadership roles.

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In a modern organisation, everyone is part of the team. We can help you significantly improve your team performance by providing focused and sustained team development, whether at Board, Executive Team or Clinical Group level.

Case studies

Improving the performance of a Board of Directors

A Board of Directors was dysfunctional despite comprising of individual high achievers. They did not work collectively or collaboratively, there was a high turnover of Directors and a culture of fear. The Chair and CEO wanted to work well together but did not agree on methods of delivery. We were asked to turn the Board around, to improve the working relationship between the Chair and CEO and to change the reputation and culture of the organisation.

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Leadership development for a management team

The manager of an eight-person team wanted to develop the managerial skills of the team, particularly in the areas of introducing new ways of working, influencing colleagues and working together as a team rather than individuals.

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A positive working culture is created at the top. We help Chief Executives and Managing Directors to understand and initiate cultural change and help transform that culture throughout the organisation. Understand the culture and you begin to understand the organisation.

Case studies

Partnership model in clinical leadership

This is a success story in clinical leadership based on a partnership model of doctors and managers working collaboratively to turn around a struggling mental health service. The Executive Director and Associate Medical Director wanted to engage psychiatrists more closely with local managers, particularly in introducing more effective services for users.

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Developing a shared culture in merging organisations

A group of NHS organisations were merging to create a platform for growth into new areas of activity. The senior executive team had consulted widely on the proposal and discovered that there were serious concerns amongst staff. We were asked to help in bringing the new organisation together a single team.

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