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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Organisational development is the process of changing an organisation’s culture and a way of identifying those behavioural patterns that are helping and hindering that organisation. A positive working culture is created from the top and so we coach leaders to understand and initiate cultural change and give them the confidence to transform that culture throughout their organisation.

Every organisation is different and so all our coaching programmes are purpose-built to the clients’ needs. Understand the culture and you begin to understand how an organisation works.

Our work generally runs across the following streams:


  1. Culture change – we work with CEOs, boards and senior leaders to understand and change the culture of their organisations – sometimes beginning the process with a cultural audit.
  2. Change management – we work with CEOs, boards and senior leaders to identify areas for positive change within organisations and implement programmes for teams and individuals to achieve this change.
  3. Mergers & acquisitions – 49 out of 50 mergers destroy shareholder value often because of conflicting cultures. We support the development of a new culture for the new organisation.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Drucker

Case studies

Partnership model in clinical leadership

This is a success story in clinical leadership based on a partnership model of doctors and managers working collaboratively to turn around a struggling mental health service. The Executive Director and Associate Medical Director wanted to engage psychiatrists more closely with local managers, particularly in introducing more effective services for users.

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Developing a shared culture in merging organisations

A group of NHS organisations were merging to create a platform for growth into new areas of activity. The senior executive team had consulted widely on the proposal and discovered that there were serious concerns amongst staff. We were asked to help in bringing the new organisation together a single team.

Read the full story

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